Saturday, March 15, 2014

Laughing at the days to come

She can LAUGH at the days to come. She isn't afraid of growing old. She is confident of the future, because she knows who holds the future! She isn't trying to relive her youth, she doesn't long to be a teen. 
I'm in my early 30's, an age that I remember thinking was OLD when I was a kid! Of course that thought makes me laugh now! It's funny to me how often I hear my friends or strangers say that they hate getting older and pine after the days of being in their youth. It makes me sad for them that they dread each birthday. 
I think maybe I have always been a bit older at heart. I wanted to LIVE! To have a family, to be a mom. 
When my sisters and I were in our teen years I remember hearing people ask my mom how on earth she could live with a house full of teenagers. Her response always spoke to my heart, she would smile and explain the joys. I will do this, at every stage of my children's lives. They are young now (7,6,4 and 2) and I choose to love and speak lovingly of each stage as it comes.
I don't remember ever hearing my mom speak poorly of aging. She didn't buy expensive wrinkle creams, she didn't talk of plastic surgery- what a gift to four daughters!
So, as the world obsesses over wrinkles and lines, let's laugh together. Let's enjoy each stage that we are at, there is such freedom in that.

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  1. Amen, Rock Star! Let's laugh! We are So incredibly blessed to have a relationship with The One Who hold the future! Thanks for your sweet words and for choosing to remember good things about what I said when you were young. I love you!