Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Superglue Fail.

I cut my hand and finger the other day and had to superglue it to close the wound. Next day it came loose so I glued it a tiny bit... I now have a bit of a fear of superglue. Please enjoy a laugh on my behalf with this video...

I would have continue to roll as I ripped my finger from my face, but the truth is I may have cried a little and it was not my proudest moment.

BTW, my face is fine other than a now hairless spot on my semi-abnormally hairy face. It's a really good thing I have learned to laugh at myself in my life.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowed in...

We love the snow! Love it love it love it!
However, we are starting to feel a bit cooped up! So, we are finding ways to entertain ourselves...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

That'll test my stress for sure

I've seen people do stress tests in the movies... you know, running on the treadmill hooked up to a million wires. Seems easy enough and all. What I did not know is this, you can NOT wear a bra. SAY WHAT????
That's right. No bra. They said to strip waist up and then handed me a little paper vest to put on. The conversation with the technician guy went something like this,
Me: You mean I can not wear my bra??
Him: Right.
Me: Ummm. No. That can not be right. Has anyone ever slapped you before when you said that?
Him: I'm sure they've wanted to.
Me: This is ridiculous.
Him: I hear that a lot.
Me: In my fatter days I would have refused to do this.. I just want you to know that.
Him: Ok.
(and I would like to add that I really wish the tech had been a woman, maybe one who has had and fed four babies... that would help)
So, here I am. Getting ready to jog on a treadmill with no bra... And if you're thinking, "Well, I would just hold the girls while I jog"... Nope. They have a bar in front of you that you are told to hold onto. Oh the horror.