Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Ok, first, read this:

Don't you love that??? It got me thinking about the times that I shy away from the camera (or literally run away) because I didn't like my weight or maybe I had a pimple... how silly. I have this beautiful little daughter- it makes me sick to think of her having a baby someday and not wanting to be in a picture with her precious newborn because she thinks she's fat. I want to set an example! I want her (and my sons.. and my sons' future wives) to know their self worth does not come from the scale. It does not come from their pant size. It comes from knowing that they are precious. It comes from knowing who their creator is and how he sees them.

I wish that there were more pictures of my mom from my childhood. There are some, but I'd be thrilled to see a daily picture of her! LOL To see her smiling while carrying me in her belly, to see her looking ragged and tired but happy as she rocked me as a baby. I'd love to see a video of her making dinner, singing songs, reading a book, I'd even like to hear one of the painfully long lectures that I endured in my older years! heehee!

I certainly don't want to think of my mom hating her body after I was born. And so, I will try my best to watch what I say in front of my children about my looks. I will try my best to be positive, I have not always done a good job of this. I am healthier now than I have been in the past because I want to set a good example of health and be aware of the impact that I have on my children- because I love them and I want so much JOY for them. Here's to more pictures of this gal! Say Cheeeese!!!!