Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Ok, first, read this:

Don't you love that??? It got me thinking about the times that I shy away from the camera (or literally run away) because I didn't like my weight or maybe I had a pimple... how silly. I have this beautiful little daughter- it makes me sick to think of her having a baby someday and not wanting to be in a picture with her precious newborn because she thinks she's fat. I want to set an example! I want her (and my sons.. and my sons' future wives) to know their self worth does not come from the scale. It does not come from their pant size. It comes from knowing that they are precious. It comes from knowing who their creator is and how he sees them.

I wish that there were more pictures of my mom from my childhood. There are some, but I'd be thrilled to see a daily picture of her! LOL To see her smiling while carrying me in her belly, to see her looking ragged and tired but happy as she rocked me as a baby. I'd love to see a video of her making dinner, singing songs, reading a book, I'd even like to hear one of the painfully long lectures that I endured in my older years! heehee!

I certainly don't want to think of my mom hating her body after I was born. And so, I will try my best to watch what I say in front of my children about my looks. I will try my best to be positive, I have not always done a good job of this. I am healthier now than I have been in the past because I want to set a good example of health and be aware of the impact that I have on my children- because I love them and I want so much JOY for them. Here's to more pictures of this gal! Say Cheeeese!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My hero.... (swoon)

My hubby does not consider himself to be much of a handy-man... he's wrong. In the last few months he has changed the brake pads on the car, fixed a leaky toilet and yesterday he replaced our garbage disposal! Saving us money and impressing this gal. Proud of you babe!

 Thanks for posing for me, honey!
 And of course each kid needed a pic too...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm a complicated gal... I like adventure and excitement! I like to be silly and crazy and play! BUT I also don't tend to like change- I'm not big on surprises. Does that even fit together? I like things to be organized and alphabetized, but I get bored and long for something to change... I'm complicated!
What I do know is that I really want to step outside my box. I want to reach people and sometimes that means getting very uncomfortable- maybe looking silly.
In the name of trying something- I set a goal for myself. Lose 20lbs and get a lesson in shooting. Guns, people. I knocked out 20, then 30 and finally set a time and date with destiny. I was excited and nervous- I'd never shot anything other than a rubberband gun before... for those of you who have never shot a rubberband gun (because your childhood was not as epic as mine), here's what that looks like. It's pretty hardcore:

That's right, we shoot cute little rubber duckies... it's pretty intense.

So here I am...

 And then it got REAL... I found my love in the form of a rifle. And a new addiction is born.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Found my "new normal"!!

I might be the world's worst blogger! I think of a blog post nearly every day, but just can't seem to find the time to get it typed and posted! So... it's been a while. Let me catch you up on my world!

Last time I blogged I had just had baby #4, he's not so tiny anymore!! He's 7months old and just so wonderful!!

We are in the midst of another year of homeschooling (only our second yr so far) and we're loving it! It helps to have the unconditional love and support of the man I married! Here's a love note the kids and I found one morning:

And I have once again found my groove! I put on quite a bit of weight with this pregnancy (as I always do) and I am so glad to be getting stronger, losing some weight and finding my "new normal"! It takes a while after each baby! You have to adjust- there are hormones, testing toddlers, crying babies, and a major lack of sleep! The good news is, it's temporary. Praise the Lord! 
I don't start trying to lose the baby weight until my baby is at least a couple months old. And even then I don't go crazy! I'm a nursing mama so it's important that baby is first priority. A month or so in I start to find my groove. I start getting stronger, have more energy and feel like a whole new gal. People always ask me how I lose the weight. I've blogged on this before, but the key is old school: Eat less (eat as clean and naturally as possible) and WORK IT OUT!!! Work out hard and work out often. And put your desires in God's hands. There is strength there that will knock your socks off! 
Thanks for reading! I will try to be better with updates and adventures!! Love to you all!!!
(and thanks for checking in Ana-Lou!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lessons from my Heavenly Father

He's here! Our baby boy is here and he's perfect. He's sweet and easy-going. He is a mini-me copy of his brothers and he is a gift. He was created by my Heavenly Father and with this baby comes more lessons in life, in family, in Grace, in Beauty, and an understanding of HIS love.

My blogging is pitiful! I want to blog every day, but can't seem to get it done! LOL But every now and then I have a minute to type and I want to use this minute to tell you that you are so special. You were created by God and you are loved more deeply than you can imagine. That is the truth. No matter who you are and what's going on in your life, you are a child of God and He loves His children with a fierce and mighty Love. I am so amazed by the love I have for each of my children and it knocks me off my feet as I hold this new baby and hug my "big" kids. Thank you, Lord for giving me a glimpse into Your heart and Your great Love. I am humbled.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Being an Aunt is serious business.

I am an aunt. I take that job seriously. I love my nieces and nephews whole-heartedly and unconditionally. And I'm serious about being the favorite...
Yes, I know they have other aunts and they can think that they are the favorite too, but THIS aunt is gonna believe I am the favorite. haha!
As our family grows with more little ones, I love each one just as the others. I love their naughty stages (it's way more fun than my own children's naughty stage) and I love their individual personalities.
My aunt heart is sad today. My sister and her husband had been chosen for an adoption and I fell in love the minute I heard about this baby boy that was joining our family. I've seen his songram pics, helped pick out his coming home outfit and prayed for his safety and his journey to join our family. (which was to happen in a couple days) Last night, my sis called to let me know that they would not be bringing home my nephew. His birth mama has decided to parent. I miss him.
I sing praises to our Heavenly Father that this baby is LOVED and wanted and that my sister's love played a role in all of that. I just miss him.
So, baby boy, I am praying that there is an Auntie in your life that adores you. One who will think of you often and pray for you and love you. One who will play with you and defend you when you're naughty.
Thank you, Lord for this baby's life. Thank you for allowing our family to pray for him and love him. And thank you for his mom, thank you for the love she has for him.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How many??? I DON'T KNOW!!!

So, I'm a terrible blogger.... really really bad! I think of something to write every day, but forget to do it every day!!
Life is flashing by at the moment! I am almost 35 wks along with our #4! My little sister just had her beautiful baby girl and I have another sister anxiously awaiting the arrival of another for their family as well. I am in auntie heaven!

What I find funny is the number of people in my life who are truly disturbed by the addition of so many children. It stuns some people to hear the number of grandchildren that my parents are blessed with (and continue to be blessed with). I am always surprised by comments that my hubs and I get about our little family. Yes, we're about to have our fourth. Yes, we WANT this child. And NO I don't know if we're "done" yet.
My favorite comments are things like, "you already have two boys and got a girl... why keep having more?" What does gender have to do with it? I love my boys and my girl, it's amazing getting to have both, but that doesn't have anything to do with how many children I have. Or how about, "Man, you guys are crazy!" .... um, ok. Call me crazy. I love my children.... insane.
And why on earth would anyone have a negative reaction to the number of children I have? I don't ask you to babysit... I don't rely on you to feed or clothe my kids... you're not losing any sleep over their existence...So please tell me why in the world do you feel the need to comment negatively about how many children I will be having?

This post is sounding angry... LOL And I am not angry. Simply confused. Confused by peoples lack of love and joy for each other.
So, here I am, big and pregnant and ready to meet this baby boy who will bring more joy and insanity to our home!