Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A first for me!

Recently I had the super cool experience of being on a launch team for a new book called, Pulling Back the Shades. It is a book after my own heart! I had never even heard of a book launch team! As most of you know, Fifty Shades of Grey is an incredibly popular book (that's an understatement). From the moment I heard about Fifty Shades I felt unsettled. I began to see it everywhere and it seemed that someone was always talking about it. Some of my friends said things like, "you've got to read these", "these books are addictive" and most often I heard something along the lines of, "It'll spice up your marriage!"Intriguing for sure, but as I began to hear what the book was about I became more and more disturbed. I came across this blog and was thrilled to see my feelings written by another...
I posted this blog on my facebook wall and was surprised by the reaction from some of my friends. I had really irritated some of them- not at all my intention. The blog above already explains my reasons for not reading the books. I was incredibly blessed to dive further into why with this launch team. Some of the women have read the books, many had not. It was incredibly cool to hear their perspectives and opinions without anyone feeling judged. I can not tell you how much I love having conversations with people who have differing opinions and perspectives while actually hearing each other. It's a beautiful thing.
The book dives into what erotica is, why people are drawn to it and the impact it has. It's worth your time.
Sex is a difficult topic and in my experience in the church, it is rarely discussed. On the other hand, purity has always been a popular subject. Obviously the two should go hand in hand, but it didn't seem to come across that way. Purity? YES. Sex? let's talk about that some other time. So, where does one turn when they're curious, confused? Some end up finding things like fifty shades of grey and that is incredibly unfortunate. A sweet friend of mine said, "I wouldn't want everyone to read those books, but I see no problem with it if you're married." I get what she's saying, it's entertainment- fiction even. What's the harm? Please read Pulling Back the Shades by Dr. Juli Slattery and Dannah K. Gresh.

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