Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pregnancy Induced Irritations....

I find that throughout each of my pregnancies there are things that really bug me. Smells... oh my word... the SMELLS! Here's just a few smells that I can not stand right now:
-my own deodorant (why? I don't know.)
-pee, as in one drop of "miss the toilet" pee from one of my sons
- Most food, the list is too long
-seafood are at the grocery store

Another weird irritation... all things electronic! HA! Like cell phones, tv's, computers, they all bug me right now. As I type, I'm getting queasy. I'll have to quit soon. What is with that??

BUT, let me say this: I am honored to be pregnant. I'm overjoyed to carry this little one for 9 months (more like ten, but who's counting?) I am always humbled when I look at my children and know that there are women out there who would gladly endure anything just to carry a sweet little life. So, while my irritations seem to overcome me momentarily, I am blessed.