Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Acts of love

How I view things is a game changer. If I see the dishes, the cleaning, the cooking as an act of love then it dramatically changes my attitude towards it. I'm fighting to do this in all things. It's incredibly hard and I don't always win out against the negative thoughts, but I'm getting better and better at it.

I had a thought this morning, I see my workouts as an act of love. People often ask me how I lost and continue to keep off about 100 pounds... it's hard to answer. There's a lot of information that I want to give everyone. One of the main aspects is this: MOTIVATION WILL FAIL YOU AT SOME POINT. It will. The vows you made will diminish as you talk yourself into skipping that workout, you will find reasons to overindulge and before you know it, you're back to feeling hopeless. There is a decision to be made that can not depend on how you "feel", it's a commitment. It's an agreement that isn't negotiable.

I do the workouts, I do them when I don't want to. Much like I do the dishes and laundry, because it has to be done. And because I love when it is finished. I love a clean house and I love the fantastic feeling of completing a workout. As with many things done in love, there is sacrifice at times. I can assure you that those sacrifices are worthy of the benefits you will see.

It's a huge help to find workouts that you enjoy, the kind that leave you feeling accomplished! I've recently started boxing and I can't even tell you how much I love it! My friend, Ashley got me started and the community is like a family. It's incredibly helpful to have people in your life that will cheer you on, challenge you, and sometimes be there to kick you in the rear.

Staying healthy is an act of love; for myself, for my husband, for my children. 

I have written about weight loss a few times in this blog, here's one of them: 

In the last year I have changed the way I eat, I read a book called, Trim Healthy Mama and it granted me a freedom that I was lacking. If you've never heard of the book, give it a look!!
I can't say enough about how much I love it. (and in case you're wondering, no I don't sell anything or have any ties to the company, I just share what I love.)

I thank God for the experience of being overweight. It has given me an appreciation of what my body can do. It's given me a heart for those trying to make their way through the journey of finding health. I remember feeling like most of the advice I received was from people who have always been in good shape, they had never tried to go for a jog while carrying 100 extra pounds or fought food issues that had become stronger than I was. Everyone has their unique journey. This can be done. YOU can do this. It's hard, I know that-but, friend, WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. 

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